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Connecting East and West Through Our Roots

Nusantara Records is about opening doors for artists and musicians by connecting East with West. It was founded in 2018 by Masia One herself, who was born in Singapore but grew up in the "West", making her name from Canada's Hiphop scene. Studying the scene and networking with creative communities in Asia, Nusantara Records was created to share music steeped in cultural roots yet pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound. Whether songwriting for productions, penning a jingle or creating the lyrics that tell a story, Nusantara Records is a 360 mass media company that takes you from original content to artist branding and development.

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What We Do

  • Music Release, Publishing and Distribution

  • Sync and Licensing

  • Music Production for Commercials and Ads 

  • Songwriting for Commercial Projects

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